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 Balancing on the Large World Map 
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Post Balancing on the Large World Map
I have been playing several games on the Large World Map. I have some questions and some suggestions:

Temperamental: It has been changed to -1 first strike which to me seems to be a very severe malus. Its the only malus directly connected to military performance. I would say none of the Leaders on the World Maps should have such a malus.

I'm not sure how first strike factors into combat performance but in my experience its pretty decisive. For instance Roman Legionaries are very strong mostly because they have 1-2 first strikes. How does first strike factor in? Is it already calculated in the win/loss and damage chance which you see when you hover over enemy units or is it a second RNG that you can not predict to a certain degree?

Some suggestions on Leader traits (I hope this is not to annoying, there have probably been many discussions on this topic):

Friedrich II von Hohenzollern: -Militaristic is a good choice.
-Progressive is a good choice. It seems to be a rather week positive trait but it fits and it complements Militaristics and reflects german
military technology.
Another possibility would be Philosophical, since at the time of Frederick and especially shortly after it many great artists and philosophers
(Goethe, Schiller, Kant, Fichte, Hegel and many more) worked in "Germany". The slogan of Germany is "country of
poets and thinkers" and because there are so many world known artists, scientists and philosophers from Germany I think the Germans
should have a leader with the philosophical trait. Also Frederick had correspondence with Voltaire and was himself a hobby philosopher.
Progressive IMHO better fits the late 19th (Bismarck) century scientific Germany
-Temperamental in its current form doesn't fit. It makes Germany rather weak when it comes to military. I don't play as Germany anymore for
that reason (since an efficient military is crucial when playing on harder difficulties). It also doesn't reflect Fredericks Germany very well,
since the whole myth of the Prussian Military was born at this time.
I think the negative trait Megalomaniac represents Frederick, the Hohenzollern and pre-WW2 Germany very well, also most Wonders in the game aren't German Wonders so it would fit that too.

On the other hand I don't think Elizabeth of England should have the philosophical trait. Firstly because apart from Shakesspeare I don't know of any world-known "Great People" from that era of English history. From a gameplay perspective it plays to much into the hands of a island turtle play style. The english should be forced to try to expand beyond there island and be exposed to the continental wars if they want to keep up. Legislator would fit better since it would reflect the beginning of english colonialism with less maintenance for the newly founded colonies.

Also: Russia is difficult to play. But every game AI Russia is completely OP. Maybe their Leader could be switched or replaced.
Another idea would be to bring back Johan Sobieski for Poland to counter the Russian expansion into Europe.

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Post Re: Balancing on the Large World Map
Glad to see someone else agreed with my "WTF" on the First Strike malus. I switched it around in my build to -1 first strike chance. The other "command" maluses of -5% strength can be fixed with one promotion, so it makes sense to do the same with this one.

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