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 Player Feedback and suggestion 
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Post Player Feedback and suggestion

just want to drop my feedback after having played a few RI 3.25 games.
I usually play on Monarch difficulty, leader and nation on random.

As many others I appreciate the mod a lot (enough to register here).

On Monarch difficulty winning a game is quite hard and I just won one of many games (in the scenario) and survived another till the end.
I like the many units and opportunities and I am still exploring the varieties that are possible.

I realized, that it is easy to become a victim of your neighbours in RI, especially if the leaders trait gives you a malus.
The concept of ressources and trade are nice and there is a few strategies you could use - I like that too as it is an challenge.
The AI somehow seems to be much better in managing to prevent Barbarians from destroying your improvements (how often have I rebuild this farm...). Also AI is doing well with his units, somehow the huge stacks are full with super promoted units.
I love the different leaders and nations you can find in RI. From Bourghiba the first president in Tunisia (lacks a bit description in the civipedia) to the German leader that political correctness would never allow in an official game... I have learned some new things by reading about nations and its leaders - Thank you.

The game stays challenging - in later stages it is hard to prevent sneaky amphibious attacks. You always need a strong fleet even if it is eating your ressources and time. Strong = enough to encircling the 30 transports and 20 escorting ships to prevent them from moving...
Good thing and I like it too is, that sometimes the AI is attacking each other and gives you some rest in rebuilding your defense.
Maybe I am a bad leader of my nations but usually it is not easy for me that not most nations dislike me in the later stages of the game, but somehow they all like each other. So making alliances just happened once to me (in RI 3.2) but being attacked from different AI...

There is a few things, that I would like to ask/ suggest. I realized, that technology and timing could be in a better harmony.
In all the games, that I made it till industrial/ modern era I discovered technolgy before its time.
If the rounds could be adjusted (e.g. not two rounds per year starting from 1800?) it may feel even more realistic. In a few games I had modern bombers and stealth technology before I reached 1900. In my last game I had nukes in 1878 and started my spaceship in 1926 (the round when the AI win the space race). Adjusting the timing or(?) making technology more costly might help.
In the late game its also hard to update the many units you should have to prevent attacks if the technology is improving to fast.
I never had the time to "use" a few tanks for long, a few rounds later they where replaced with newer units.
If I make it far enough I have discovered all technology until I reached 80 % of the rounds available.

Also the AI is improving fast! Is it normal, that small AI nations wiht only 4 cities but open borders as me, improve from Riflemen to mobile infantery in a few rounds? I feel, that even for Monarch difficulty the AI could improve a bit to fast?

Is there a description/hint for war weariness - I had huge problems with it during my last game and I did not understand why my people become so unhappy (and my enemies not)?

What else - I like the options to automatize your cities, workers AND fighters, bombers etc.- gone the time that you have to recon enemy ground manually - Thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

To not make a short story even more long:
I like the mod, I learned something, its challanging and I have to thank everybody that put effort and time to make it what it is today and what it will become.

19 Jul 2014, o 16:06
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