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 The Deity of Scandinavia (Spoiler: I lost :D) 
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Post The Deity of Scandinavia (Spoiler: I lost :D)
Last game I was tryharding as Scandinavia on Deity on the Large World Map. Here's a short AAR.

Didn't want to play as England or Japan which would be the obvious choice because it almost feels like cheating :). The good thing about Scandinavia is that they almost work like an island nation. Also they're a really cool civ.

The Rise of Scandinavia.

The early game went really well, I built the Colossus and the Great Lighthouse. I had my three cities, one focussing on commerce with 4 sea amber sources. The other two focussing on production of buildings. I had two warriors and a archer for up to about 0AD :D. I just made all other civs pleased by giving in to their tribute demands for sea amber. So research was up to 100% for most of the time. In the meantime the Russian took over half the world only being slowed down by a major war with the Mongolians which were second. That war took about 1000years. I beelined up to Rudder and prebuilt some Skeids and shortswordman.

The conquest of England:

Aftter Rudder I completely dropped research, upgraded my prebuilt units, built some more modern units and attacked England. You need those Berserkers for attacking the city in Scotland. I took the city within three turns and completely obliterated their fleet. Then I peaced out only to attack Irland as soon as the truce was over. Since I had to defend Scotland against a stack of 30-40 English units I could only send about 10 units to Irland. I only took the city because my grunts did a great job and then of course my OP lvl 4 city attacker Berserkers did what they do best. Then I peaced out again and prepared for the final war.
I took London by tricking the English. I had a huge fleet filled with units specialised on city attack and about 6 catapults. The English army move towards Newcastle in Scotland and since I had destroyed their roads with some suicide units they didn't make it back in time to save London. I landed with my whole army bombarded it for two turns and sent about 15 grunts to their death. Then I took the city one turn before the English could reinforce the city or attack my completely depleted sieging army. A 40 units strong English army just went up in thin air after my last unit that could move took London: It was beautiful.

Inevitable defeat.

My three wars had angered many other civs and especially the Russian weren't Pleased with me anymore. I was just a matter of time after they had conquered the last Mongolian city: They declared war and took my newest city in Prussia (cultural take over of Vilnius) and my settlement in FInland. The Arabians joined in on the war against me and the Russians completely rolled over me. I'm behind the most advanced nations by almost all techs in the Medieval era because my economy had been completely focussed on my war against the English (At one point I had +6 coin per turn on 0% research spending while my army was on English soil :D). I had to end the game there for now. I'm thinking of simply setting up shop in England though and playing on after losing all of Scandinavia since my very experience fleet is still alive and kicking. Ill save my best units and maybe later on I can take back my cities. Maybe I can compete after settling the US. Probably the Russians will have won a domination victory till then though. I don't think any on stands a chance against them (Russia's score is 1800, the Berbers have 950, and I have 560). Deity is a incredibly hard but its a lot of fun.

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Post Re: The Deity of Scandinavia (Spoiler: I lost :D)
Scandinavia is now more or less a tributary state of the Russian World Empire. They have caught up to the Russian in military technology and their Gustavian Infantry and Pikemen can hold of the 100 unit strong Russian Army long enough for Ivan to accept negotiation in which he asks for 600 gold coins and 30 coins per turn. Since they know that he will send his armies back to Scandinavia very soon that doesn't hurt too much.
In between the wars have of the time the Scandinavian society is devoted towards finding a way to settle the new lands they have discovered in the west and the rest of the time every penny is scramble to pay of Ivan when he starts his next war. On see Fafnir, Sleipnir and Fenrir (my level 6 Galeasses) are tearing apart everything that Ivan sends their way

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Post Re: The Deity of Scandinavia (Spoiler: I lost :D)
It's tough playing a European civ when the AIs in the east can spam yerts, canals, timars and lovischches all over the map while you content yourself with a relative handful of national improvements. Hats off to you for giving it a go, especially at deity.

17 May 2019, o 22:42
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