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Returning noob question thread - eg. how does Slavery work?
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Author:  Enyavar [ 6 May 2020, o 08:19 ]
Post subject:  Returning noob question thread - eg. how does Slavery work?

I'm playing Carthage and am running a Traditional Custom Slavery Republic.

However, I cannot figure out how to whip: Even with a city that has 7 inhabitants and a project that would only require 2 or 1 population sacrificed, the hurry button stays greyed out.

Did I miss some tech or building prerequisite? Are there civics preventing me from whipping? I believe I have searched the tech tree and the pedia thoroughly enough but couldn't find what prevents me from sacrificing population.

On very low-key note, the costs of military units are preventively high. I'm not trying to overreach in my early game and try to turtle up a bit against numerous threats: I would think that I shouldn't get penalized when I build an army that can barely protect my 6-city state from permanent barbarian attacks and rebellions. I mean, yes the levies are cheaper, but when it comes to upgrade anything, it's also more desirable to get outdated units killed in battle and build completely new ones, than pay 120 gold for a +2 strength increase.

I agree with the goal to eliminate mass-production from the early game, but is there an easy way to universally modify how quickly these costs ramp up?

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