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Developing a Large Europe Map
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Author:  artyom [ 10 Dec 2015, o 18:46 ]
Post subject:  Developing a Large Europe Map

I want to develop a pretty large (about 8000 tile) europe map. I feel the current world maps are bad in that you most of the world that exists has no effect on you. In the Huge map, for example, you can remove all of america and half of africa and nothing in your game will change except much faster game speed (this is what I have actually done in one map

I have several things/ideas/visions I really want my map to include:
1) Nations will have unique starting conditions. For example, Greece will start with some wonders and a national epic but only one city (which can culture flip close barb cities), while poland can start with many but poor developed and low potential cities
2)Nations should be somehow discouraged to NOT go to early war with each other until about the middle ages. Personally, I hate the fact that most of the important part of the game happens in the very early game where civs conquer each other. I wish there was some sort of peace timer in the game. I think it might be possible to force peace manually and then unforcing by editing the text file and adding permannt peace. I might also put alot of barbarian cities/barbarian forts to prevent movement and/or mountains in certain areas
3)Map is intended to be played on highest difficulty? Why? Because I like balance. I feel the game is ideal when at first you as human develop, and then you go to wars. Playing on lower difficulties like monarch/emperor often means that although you can actually survive early game military rushes from AI, it also means that the game can become pretty easy later on forcing you to quit the game because it gets boring. By forcing peace, and by playing on maximum difficulty, you are creating a very interesting game
4) Starting Cities which are close nearby. I think the AI is very dumb and often makes cities too far away from each other. The truth is, especially if cities are on fertile soil, that most cities SHOULD be made within a maximum 4 tiles of each other. I want to have civs start with several very close to each other cities, with above average resources
5) Countries and geography based resources. Every country and region should have many resources advantages and disadvantages. For example, France gets alot of wine, austria good amount of silver, poland gets jack, germany gets furs/amber/silver and so on. England would get like cotton in addition to other resources to portray England's supposed exploration and domination of the new world and 3rd world
6)Starting Religions. Iam still thinking over this one, but i think its better to have starting religions in correct cities. I'd remove all the non-european religions

To summarize, I want to make a large and not too CPU intensive Europe only map which will have nations develop historically and in a rather balanced way. A map which is more focused on later eras rather than just the classical era, and where nations dont get wiped out left and right. Where France, or spain, or Italy, can make 12+ cities in their respective national land

Ive already attempted at one (i not sure how to attach it), but I think I made it too sloppy and I want to try again. If anyone has any ideas, comments, or especially a good base map they can offer please let me know. The reason I dont like my current map project is because the initial map was bad I feel because it had too much useless land tiles in north africa, too big siberia, too skinny italy, and land tiles were not really correct (grassland in spain, low levels of forests everywhere) so I sort of sloppy changed all that. Also, iam welcome to any ideas of how to force peace time, as I think this is one of the most crucial aspects this mod needs in general

thanks. Also this is the first time I really make any maps or mod something

Author:  Walter Hawkwood [ 17 Dec 2015, o 12:06 ]
Post subject:  Re: Developing a Large Europe Map

I think our forum attachments are not really working; to make it available to others, you should use a third-party file sharing service. I usually just create a dropbox link if I need to share a link to something.

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