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 TR Scenerio: Colonization 
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Post TR Scenerio: Colonization

Life on Europa is pretty good. The resent Rennaissance has swept the continent and cities have grown large and stable. An uneasy balance exists between the five nations of the known world and each nation has heralded the arrival of a new, young, energetic leader within the past three years. New ideas are springing forth and the citizens of each nation are beginning to dream of a better life.

Held back by the constraints of the balance of power and a lack of land area in Europa, people have begun to listen to the stories of old, stories of a world beyond their own out over the massive blue seas. Old Welch hillsmen spoke of a time when Savages from a northland called Aurorus had landed on England's shores and pillaged the small towns there weilding axes of gleaming metals and strange furs around their bodies.

Russian scholars are looking out of a new invention, the telescope over the vast oceans of the east and see great dustclouds just over the horizon. Some swear they even see small boats moving around but are dismissed as drinking far too much wine.

German engineers have perfected a new series of ships and the captains from older vessels speak of an island far to the south west filled with mountains and ice. The waters were too treacherous to land there but the new ships offer new hope.

The Spanish have always found strange artifacts washing up on their western shores made of marble and wood. Odd coins with strange prfoiled faces on each side etched with the word "Caesar" upon them were found in a floating case and wisked away to the palace for the old king to see. He dismissed it as a trick of the English but his daughter was not so sure. Now Issabella wears the crown and she never forgot about those coins or that exotic word... Caesar.

The French in good spirits and plenty of wine talk about the legend of the Amazonia, the savage lands where women reign supreme in a lush and savage jungle filled with the greatest array of foods, spices and treasures. The women however were merciless and quick to kill any male who stepped out of line with them. In a male dominated society, the French told those stories in jest but a new wave of feminism has swept the continent as three of the five Great Powers were now headed by a woman. Their own views of the old king's only son led many to joke that France actually held a fourth woman on a throne but such whispers were hushed quickly around anyone in authority. Slandering the Sun King was not welcome.

An old spear made of a wood no one had ever seen washed up on the border of France and Spain not too far from the English coast. It was longer than most pikes created with their finest materials and stronger than any wood any of the nations had seen before. They did not know where it came from and it held a simple carving in it's shaft.... an addly shaped shield and a pair of spears like the one it was upon crossed behind it.

This scenerio begins in the Rennaisance Era will all techs from the ancient, classical and medieval eras already known. Some rennaisance techs are also discovered to allow the five Great Powers a choice to be made right away.... build large ships and go out into the unknown seas and see what they can find or try and build up at home and take out one of the other powers. All ancient wonders are cancelled out and only Medieval and up can be built. The only resources on Europa are Wheat, Fish, Copper, Iron, Sulfur, Horses, Wine, Coal and Aluminum. Each faction has the same number of resources, units, cities, starting gold, techs and each has a seperate religeon. Buildings are pre-placed in all cities with larger buildings placed in the capitol. All factions are as equal as I can make them while still managing to give each a slight advantage (nothing game breaking) on each other. Germany has a bit more land and could found another city on Europa. Spain has more hills and plains for indurty. England is an island and safe from a land attack. Russia is closer to discoverable lands and France has more rivers and money making lands.

Hints: Set all civics, religeon of choice and city production on your first turn!!! Pre-placed cities off no pop-ups in the beginning and civics are defaulted to ancient. Set your lands up!!

Enjoy this scenerio. It's not completely realistic but it is set up to be exactly why colonization happened on the real earth in the first place.


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Post Re: TR Scenerio: Colonization
Looks cool- it just says the attatchment doesn't exist anymore... ???

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Post Re: TR Scenerio: Colonization
I'll check it tomorrow morning. There were some forum problems in the meantime and we might have lost some old attachments but I'll check what is backed up.

There were 22 downloads so maybe people who downloaded it can attach it again in the meantime, or the author himself can do it?

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Post Re: TR Scenerio: Colonization
I presume this scenario is dead. That's really too bad, this actually got my hopes up.

11 Aug 2015, o 21:48
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