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 More ways to violate Human Rights? 
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Post More ways to violate Human Rights?
The title is a red flag, but rest assured I don't actually derive pleasure from the suffering of others. I like to play Civ with a particular challenge or goal in mind, and for the past few weeks I've had my heart set on doing an Aztec playthrough where I play as the most bloodthirsty, warmongering, and senseless civilization in human history - cartoonishly evil. Unfortunately, I have found that the mod is lacking in a few areas for putting real "oomph" behind playing as an unhinged dictator with no regard for human life. That is why I have compiled a list of suggested tweaks (not requiring new civics or radically new mechanics) that add a bit of flavour and detail to such a playthrough and make it more fun/viable.

What civics you are running really depends on what stage of the game and what style your empire is. Most modern autocratic regimes would likely run Dictatorship/Collectivism/Forced Labor/Planned Economy/Cult of Personality. So I will be focusing on things for these civics. I don't have the civilopedia in front of me, so I can't remember exactly what the plusses and malusses are for each.

1. Under the Forced Labor civic, in addition to being able to construct Labor Camps, you could also construct Concentration Camps (probably with a later tech unlock). Mechanically, what they would do would be to decrease culture from other civilizations in your cities and increase your own as a percentage on the balance bar, thus simulating the cleansing of foreign ethnics in totalitarian states. In exchange for this very powerful building, each additional camp you build gives you a -2 penalty to relations with all the world leaders and a -4 for leaders whose cultures are directly effected. Alternatively, when whipping with Forced Labor (I'm pretty sure you can still do that?) it decreases non-civilization culture in a city by a greater amount.

2. Be able to construct Checkpoints in cities for a small espionage bonus.

3. Perhaps add improvements called something like Work Camps (or for the Russians, perhaps a flavor name like a Gulag). You could build them on tiles that normally couldn't have improvements on them for most of the game (like barren tundra, open desert, and ice) and they give a small production bonus.

4. This has probably been suggested before, but an Inquisitor type unit for Cult of Personality civs. I would suggest calling them Fanatics (although you could have flavor variants dependent on civilization so, for Germany: Brownshirts, for France: Hebertists, etc). They would represent mobs of revolutionaries ginned up against religious custom, having a lower chance to remove religions than Inquisitors to represent the relative staying-power of religion in, for example, the underground Christian communities of the Eastern Bloc.

That's mostly what I have, ghoulish as it may be. Lol.

30 Jan 2020, o 08:40
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Post Re: More ways to violate Human Rights?
You're a bit late to the party. I have no intention of adding any new major stuff to the game. Though one thing you will enjoy in 3.5 is the ability to explore the wide variety of fascist and communist flags for all civs.

30 Jan 2020, o 16:30

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Post Re: More ways to violate Human Rights?
Lol, fair enough. The Revolutions system will also give me more people to violently oppress, I'm sure.

3 Feb 2020, o 08:18
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