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 AI dealing with separatism 
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Post AI dealing with separatism
So I know you've acknowledged that the AI won't be the best at dealing with it, but I have a (perhaps) simple idea.

As an example, here the superpower of the game (who went to war against me) empire toppled after 10 turns of war (8% War Weariness). This didn't happen with 0 effort, I did manage to sabotage some luxuries & flip his civics, which helped GREATLY, but it was a little too easy unfortunately, and thus I didn't enjoy the reward of it as much as I could have.

Would it be easy enough to make the AI simply 'up' its espionage-slider when its cities are beginning to revolt? My main worry is that it's a little too punishing for them to not be able to deal with the huge consequences of separatism.

Also as an aside, I'm finding and appreciating even more small details. Minecraft & Doctor Who as great works! hahaha :)

3 Jul 2020, o 03:07
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Post Re: AI dealing with separatism
What you're looking at is an AI that already does that - that's just not enough by itself. AI ideally would know when to actually stop an ongoing war due to risk of separatism even after those measures (and other ones, like garrisonning the cities most affected by it, which AI also does) are in place. Also, any suggestions at this point are moot, as I won't really be implementing anything new for RI, definitely not something on the dll side.

3 Jul 2020, o 04:02

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Post Re: AI dealing with separatism
Hey there Mr Walter. I respect your being done with Civ 4, I really do. I'm moreso looking for pointers as to whether or not my ideas are within the realm of possibility or not, as well as throwing ideas out there for posterity and what-not, is all!

"AI ideally would know when to actually stop an ongoing war due to risk of separatism..."

If I may, perhaps this is not exactly the main issue. Thru world-editor I'm testing to see what the AI does to combat separatism and indeed, they do use the commerce-espionage slider!
But take a look , he didn't keep the slider up on the following turn, when he needed it more. And all it took was 1 city to flip and he was out of the game. Then the following turn, instead of being able to reoccupy his empty cities (which are now mine) with his troops who were kicked out, you may simply ask him to make peace.

Perhaps the AI knowing when to stop a war isn't the biggest issue and can be safely ignored, maybe one step that hypothetically could be taken would be to tinker with how 'contageous' a revolution can be.

Looking through the python files I'm already overwhelmed (and impressed) by how much code has gone into just the revolutions component. I understand most of what I'm talking about isn't going to be actuated via a few .xml changes.

Anyway, still not going to play without Revolutions on, as some of the most immersive and realistic-feeling things have happened because of it. Like when a pre-oceangoing colony of mine got cut off by sea-ice forming and formed its own nation. hngggg

3 Jul 2020, o 22:57
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