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Red Cross - Free Medic 1 Promotion
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Author:  soupyd [ 25 Jun 2020, o 00:41 ]
Post subject:  Red Cross - Free Medic 1 Promotion

This limited industrial era building is a remnant from Vanilla Civ 4. I'm going to change it. I think it'd probably be too easy to simply flood your armies with free medics, leaving the actual Medic 1 promotion no reason to ever be picked again, which I don't think is good gameplay.

I'm not sure what to replace the building's bonus with. Any ideas? I was thinking obscurely that Light Infantry would be more likely to be medics... so +2 exp for recon units? A new promotion which gives +5% healing, which is overridden when an actual medic is around? A la 'first aid'.

If anyone knows how to make the promotion thing work, I'm definitely willing to dive in and learn some stuff.

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