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Some ideas for TR BtS
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Author:  Mikrotherion [ 31 May 2010, o 14:46 ]
Post subject:  Some ideas for TR BtS


I've been playing the Fall from Heaven mod recently. And while I like it, I like TR more. There is one thing in FFH, though, that could be great in TR:

Different models of units:
In FFH you have the possibility to give ships a free "promotion" that has advantages and drawbacks, There is one that increases speed by 1 and reduces cargo space by one at the same time, one that increases strength but decreases speed and one I forgot :mrgreen: .
I think this is a great way to tweak units to ones needs.
In FFH you can remove this promotion every time your ships is in a city - this I think is not necessary, since once you made up your mind what model of the Caravel (e.g.) you want and the builders made it that way, it shouldn't be so easy (and free of charge) to modify it again.
This could also be applied to other mechanical units that can be built in slightly different ways (mobility at the cost of sturdiness, power at the cost of mobility) - doesn't make much sense for living units IMO.

Author:  Walter Hawkwood [ 31 May 2010, o 23:56 ]
Post subject:  Re: Some ideas for TR BtS

These promos are fine and dandy, but even as I played FfH2 myself, I wondered if AI can make use of them...

Author:  Mikrotherion [ 28 Oct 2010, o 13:44 ]
Post subject:  Re: Some ideas for TR BtS

So, here's some more ideas that I stole from FfH and ciV :shock: .

1. Natural wonders - I heard they were in ciV and thought, hey, that might be what are the unique terrain features in FfH. In short (for anyone who doesn't know FfH), natural wonders/ unique terrain features are plots on the terrain that give boni/ mali to units on the square or surrounding the square or to nearby cities. In a realism centric mod like TR these could be natural wonders, like the Niagara Falls, Mount Everest, Great Barrier Reef etc.. They could produce extra commerce in nearby cities (Niagara Falls, Great Barrier Reef) and perhaps also have a malus (no Offshore Platforms in cities near the GBR for example...)

2. Tile Improvement - Solar Panels (in deserts, alternatively/ also on any surface between fitting latitudes (I've seen there's a min/max latitude for resources, so perhaps it is feasible to also implement it for improvements?)

Author:  Walter Hawkwood [ 28 Oct 2010, o 13:54 ]
Post subject:  Re: Some ideas for TR BtS

1. I think these would require custom map generation scripts. These are beyond our capabilities.

2. Maybe, but only as a really late development, almost future tech. Even nowadays I think, there aren't really any solar farms so huge they would count as a "tile improvement" in Civ terms.

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