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 Early game ideas 
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Post Early game ideas
I was just wondering some things, that might be cool... (if there possible.)

In the beginning men hunted every animal, until the settled. By then the start making farms (corn rise ect) from things thy collected somewhere. Same goes for domesticating pig and cows even horses and elephants. They collected the ones that could be "controled" for breeding.

To get this in the game. I think a kind of scout/hunter or even gatherer to get those wild resources and to let them bring it home to cultivate the land around the city.

this should be possible if there is an animal (barbarian pigs) that needs to be slain to release an item... if that item is released in a city it disrepairs and will give a pig resource in its fat cross.

Although it must be limited by, era ore something. (like not more than one cultivation per era?) or not. This way it should be possible to create the great wheat field for on the Nile it it's unlimited.

The IA should be able to use it. it does use this kind of system in "fall from heaven II" all thou they use it for upgrading the units whit uniqe weapons and in-city buildings.

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Post Re: Early game ideas
We won't be working on any new ideas for quite a while. We currently have our hands full just porting all we have to BtS.

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Post Re: Early game ideas
this concept is included in vanilla civ 4 and every instance since with the hunters cabin, +1 food. you dont get the resorce bouns but really in early game there needs to be some kind of challenge.

as for moving of resorces or duplication. a tile that has a resorce is more porductive than one without, the game has evloved form "sid's alpha centauri", which recognizes that some soils are just more porductive than others. that is what is truly represented by a food resorce that weather animal ( who prefers this location for whatever reason) or plant ( good soil ) this tile is better than normal. if you could change that it whould have to be off set by a massive amount of LABOR. like 50 turns in a realistic game to ... well this just didn't happen historicly people just moved to settle near the good location you dont move the good location to you its just to much effort and whould really destroy the lagacy of what the CIV series is based upon.

sorry about the knock but a massive amount of thought gose into making a map, with very spicific intent by the map maker. there are millions or real factors that effect the hardships civs had to go through, the game tries to simulate that. so if you give ease somewhere, to keep the same difficulty you've got to take something as well.

good soil as a gardener myself is comprised in layers on the bottem about 1.5 to 1 feet from the surface is the drainage gravel then clay potash native soil mix about 6 inches thich and the last foot to half is the best soil you can get your hands on potting mix or well fertilized whatever this is generally a lot more setup than a farmer can do its just there or it isn't, you can do it on a small scale if you want to grow the best tomatos in your yard, but to make 1,000 acres of soil reform the land basicly 3 feet deep is about as much work as would have gon into the pyramids or stonehinge if you dont belive me add up that volume 3x1000 acres an acre is like 500 x 500 feet or i dont know but its a stupid amount of material then imagin you have no tools of any kind to do this with.

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