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Small simple ideas
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Author:  BareJag [ 21 Aug 2010, o 02:49 ]
Post subject:  Small simple ideas

Bunkers should give some minor defence, like 10% or so against siege weapons for infantry.
At least some part of an unit will take cover inside avalible bunkers durring barrages, like some parts of the reserves, supply units and some commanders not in the front lines. If there's a bunker it should be at least little better than the foxholes they otherwise would use. At least until the end of the industrial age.

Naval mines should be limited to coastal waters. Don't know much about modern naval mines, but those here are definitely not of that kind, but seems to be the normal one not specialised in any way that are best used against cargo ships and ships from the 2ww and before. Most land mines have historically been that kind that have an anchor with a wire that keeps it at the right depth, a relatively cheap and simple mine that are still in use. That have limited their use to shallower waters. Naval mines can attack in TR, is it meant to be that way here?

Hand another much more complex idea as a reply on a bug report in quite wrong place for an idea. Here it is. Ice breakers

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