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Bug report for version 3.2
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Author:  BLubMuZ [ 28 Jul 2014, o 08:15 ]
Post subject:  Bug report for version 3.2

Hi all, it's long time i don't post here, i'm dividing my playing time between CIV and the TW series.
I discovered few weeks ago RI 3.2 and just now (downloading it while posting) 3.25

Needless to say, yours is a great work and i'd like to see it work perfectly as it deserves.

As usual i mod mod your great Mod to better suite my taste, but i've found a few bugs which goes beyond my (poor) skills.
Please note that this post is related to 3.2, so if you changed something in that regard, just discard my report.

Just this for now:
- The most important and tricky one is city maintenance (both distance and number of cities) which certain civics should increase/decrease. The given increase/decrease from say Federalism works the opposite and so any other one.
I solved the problem reversing the sign in CIV4CivicInfos.xml but it's odd to see the opposite in F3 screen. Please note that i got the wonder CR, so i'm able to instantly see the changes in the effects.
- The shipwright Doctrine promo only works for wooden ships - or ships upgraded from wooden.
In more modern (metal) ships you have only the base promo, but you can't access the higher ones.
Infact in the pedia you can see the unit classes for which the doctrine promo is intended, but in the promos listed for the single units these are not listed.
- On a minor impact the same happens for War Elep for the Attrition tactic promos.

OK, waiting for your feedback and to test 3.25 to post more.

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