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Castrum bonus and other newbie questions.
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Author:  RamaDan [ 10 Aug 2020, o 20:26 ]
Post subject:  Castrum bonus and other newbie questions.

It is my first time playing Realism Invictus. I'm playing the Huge World Map as Carthage and I was hoping to answer the following questions for myself before I continue:

1. Is the Castrum bonus in conquered Roman cities supposed to benefit even the buildings I build myself after conquest or is it a bug? Can I expect the same thing to happen with other unique buildings?

2. Is there inflation in the game? The relevant line is missing from the financial advisor. If there is, will it be "hidden" when it kicks in later? It's 484 BC at the moment.

3. The Great Wall won't prevent slave rebels from spawning inside my borders, or will it?

4. Is there an upper limit to separatism modifiers pertaining to being ahead in power and or score as well as to war weariness?

5. Does the number of cities maintenance component eventually flat out?

6. Do troops spread culture in RI? At what rate?

7. What is roughly the chance that a wonder will survive conquest? Does it differ between wonders? Can wonders respawn after liberation?

8. Can a holy city migrate from a civilization even if it never stops running the relevant state religion? Can it migrate if no one is running the relevant religion, for example from one civilization without state religion to another civilization without state religion?

Thanks a lot, I'm having an amazing experience so far.

Author:  RamaDan [ 11 Aug 2020, o 22:31 ]
Post subject:  Re: Castrum bonus and other newbie questions.

Noticed the inflation now. I was too used to see the inflation expense in a separate line. Factoring the inflation into each city's maintenance should definitely make calculating the net effect of Courthouses and such way more straightforward!

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