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 Winning on Deity 
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I usually play on Titan, but recently decided to give Deity a go. Surprisingly, after a second or third attempt, I was able to pull off a victory (domination). It was rather easier than I thought, but maybe because I got a bit lucky in how the AI was busy attacking each other not just me.

First off, the beginning is always the hardest stage. The AI has ridiculous advantage and so it is necessary to play as conservative as possible, focusing on the military. Skirmishers and charge cavalry are key units to make. In my game, my luck was that I was relatively further away from every other civilization, so they just started attacking each other. Yet I knew that this was temporary and my time would come. On Deity the AI seems to be extra willing to invade as soon as possible. With the extra number of units that it can quickly generate, it is important to build an army full of veterans. Hunting barbarians and slaves becomes an imperative. At the same, a balance should be struck with the domestic industry and science, to make sure that that keeps going as well. Any early invasion from the AI should be taken advantage of, to improve the veterans and counter-invade to pillage for gold, and, if possible, to take a city or two for tech bonuses. Ironically, taking these cities can also serve to boost relations in the long-term, by gifting the cities back, or gifting them to some other civ that will likely be less belligerent. Recognizing choke points on the map is crucial, and so is having cavalry, especially charge cavalry. The collateral damage done to the enemy large stacks is what will keep you alive. It is also what will make it possible to develop veteran units who will be the key advantage against the AI.

I love how forts have a much bigger role to play in this mod. They are a must. In my game, I built six of them in strategic locations. Four of those forts played a very important part in decimating invading armies, like hot knife through butter. And those invading armies just kept on coming (I was "lucky" enough to be neighbors with the Mongols). The experience points gained and the lack of casualties on own side really tilted the odds in my favour. After numerous failed invasions from the AI, the Mongols had an internal revolution. This is also something that should be paid attention to. The AI seems to be more stubborn in pursuing its wars, which aggravates its separatism. It may be a good idea to prolong some wars for that purpose, and even use some spies to improve the chances for the internal revolution in the enemy civ. This is what happened to the Mongols that were invading me. The Tartars splintered off from them and quickly became pleased with my civ. Then they just began invading me as well (-_-) Although this was not so bad, because I could focus on each enemy, one at a time, timing the peace treaties carefully. Eventually my defending armies became so experienced that I was able to invade their territories and raze their cities completely.

I found that the biggest threat may not actually be the AI that is aggressive in invading. It is the civilizations that sit back peacefully and develop economically and technologically that may pose the biggest threat. If unhindered, these civilization will be more advanced and equipped when they will decide to invade you. On Deity it is extremely hard to keep up on equal terms in peaceful development. Luckily, the AI seems to also see such a threat, and likes to invade such advanced civs. It may be a good idea to join such an invasion, to cripple the advanced AI, so that it does not pose as a threat in the long-run.

Of course, a close eye should be kept on how the relations are between the other civs. If there is one civ everyone hates, it may be a good idea to join the war against them, especially when asked. If you are that one civ that everyone hates,-- well, then you are likely screwed.

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